G-DOCK p2w_r619ac-128m/ openmptcprouter firmware

G-DOCK p2w_r619ac-128m/ openmptcprouter firmware




It is recommended to buy the version with usb3 hardware repair

It is recommended to buy the latest version of opboot

Some tutorials:

G-DOCK Series 4: Opboot1.09+128M firmware flashing

[G-DOCK 2.0 Router] A must-see for novices, new hand must know, no disassembly, no SSH, brush into opboot and brush into Pandorabox routing system

G-DOCK 2.0 router daddy-level flashing tutorial


Attributes Specification model
size 270*165*24mm
CPU IPQ4019(Qualcomm)
flash 16MB+128MB(16MBIs the programming chip memory、128MBIs the system storage location)
RAM 512MB(Running memory)
IO Gigabit Ethernet*5,RJ45
Button Reset Button
LED Network port indicator*5、WIFI LED*2、power LED*1
antenna SMARemovable interface 5dbi*4(2.4GHZ*2、5GHZ*2)
Working frequency




G-DOCK 2.0 gaming router adopts IPQ4019 Qualcomm quad-core processor solution, stable network performance, faster network transmission rate, equipped with large-capacity DDR2 RAM and high-speed SPI Flash, the overall performance and stability are guaranteed, and the interface In part, the equipment of Jingdou Cloud 2.0 e-sports router is also blameless. 4 Gigabit adaptive network interfaces, a USB3.0 interface, and a TF card interface, to meet the needs of various routing applications, and the performance is relatively comprehensive.





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